pyctest.pyctest.GetGitBranch(dir: str=None) → str

Get the branch name of a git repo

pyctest.pyctest.add_note(dir: str='', file: str='', clobber: bool=False) → None

Add a note to the dashboard

pyctest.pyctest.add_presubmit_command(dir: str='', cmd: list=[], clobber: bool=False) → None

Add a command to be executed before submission

pyctest.pyctest.add_test(arg0: object) → None

Add a test

class pyctest.pyctest.cache

Bases: pybind11_builtins.pybind11_object

Cache types

BOOL = cache.BOOL
NONE = cache.NONE
PATH = cache.PATH
class pyctest.pyctest.command

Bases: pybind11_builtins.pybind11_object

Run a command – works like execute_process(…)

AddCommand(self: object, arg0: list) → None

Add a command

Command(self: object) → str

Get the argument list

Error(self: object) → str

Get the error string

Exec(self: object, args: list=[]) → None

Execute (i.e. run)

Execute(self: object, args: list=[]) → None

Execute (i.e. run)

Output(self: object) → str

Get the output string

Result(self: object) → str

Get the result (return code) string

Results(self: object) → str

Get the results

SetEncoding(self: object, arg0: pyctest.pyctest.encoding) → None

Set the process encoding

SetErrorFile(self: object, arg0: str) → None

Set the error file

SetErrorQuiet(self: object, arg0: bool) → None

Suppress error

SetErrorStripTrailingWhitespace(self: object, arg0: bool) → None

Strip trailing whitespace from error

SetInputFile(self: object, arg0: str) → None

Set the input file

SetOutputFile(self: object, arg0: str) → None

Set the output file

SetOutputQuiet(self: object, arg0: bool) → None

Suppress output

SetOutputStripTrailingWhitespace(self: object, arg0: bool) → None

Strip trailing whitespace from output

SetTimeout(self: object, arg0: str) → None

Set the process timeout

SetWorkingDirectory(self: object, arg0: str) → None

Set the working directory

pyctest.pyctest.copy_files(files: list=[], from_dir: str='', target_dir: str='') → None

Helper method to copy files over to binary dir

class pyctest.pyctest.encoding

Bases: pybind11_builtins.pybind11_object

Encoding types

ANSI = encoding.ANSI
Auto = encoding.Auto
None = encoding.None
OEM = encoding.OEM
UTF8 = encoding.UTF8
pyctest.pyctest.exe_path() → str

Path to ctest executable

pyctest.pyctest.execute(args: List[str]=[]) → int

Directly run ctest

pyctest.pyctest.find_test(arg0: str) → pyctest.pyctest.test

Find a test by name

pyctest.pyctest.generate_config(output_directory: str='') → None

Generate CTestConfig.cmake, CTestCustom.cmake, and copy over PyCTest CMake files

pyctest.pyctest.generate_test_file(output_directory: str='') → None

Generate a CTestTestfile.cmake

pyctest.pyctest.git_checkout(repo_url: str, source_dir: str, branch: str='master', update: bool=True) → None

Perform git checkout a code and optionally update if already exists

class pyctest.pyctest.ostream_redirect

Bases: pybind11_builtins.pybind11_object

pyctest.pyctest.remove_test(arg0: object) → None

Remove a test List[str]=[], working_directory: str='') → None

Run CTest

class pyctest.pyctest.set

Bases: pybind11_builtins.pybind11_object

Set a variable – works like set(…)

class pyctest.pyctest.test

Bases: pybind11_builtins.pybind11_object

CTest test object – works like add_test(…)

GetCommand(self: object) → list

Get the command for the test

GetName(self: object) → str

Get test name

GetProperty(self: object, arg0: str) → str

Get a test property

GetPropertyAsBool(self: object, arg0: str) → bool

Get property as boolean

SetCommand(self: object, arg0: list) → None

Set the command for the test

SetName(self: object, arg0: str) → None

Set test name

SetProperty(self: object, arg0: str, arg1: str) → None

Set a test property